Surprises For Gogos At Daveyton Skills School

JUNE 2017

Imagine a school that turns out skilled people, ready to earn their own living and provide services to their community?

This is what Daveyton Skills School is endeavouring to do, with the total enthusiasm of pupils and staff.

Young people leaving this school will be almost ready to make their way in society trained in various skills, such as

Hairdressing (male and female),

Woodworking (you should see their picnic tables),


Beauty salon stuff (nails, faces),

Table layout and

Fixing electrical gadgets. 

There is also an art department to encourage those creative in the areas of paint and canvass.

I say almost ready because in a lot of cases these children will be held back and possibly taken advantage of because of their inability to read well.  Some Gogos are doing an extra session at this school on Fridays, taking only very small groups, in an effort to help with the literacy of these potential future business leaders!

Which brings me to last Friday when we were given the Hollywood treatment.  On arrival we were told we could not go into the classrooms but were taken firmly by the hand to the staff room.   There our beautiful children entertained us with singing, reading and generally making us feel special and loved, followed by tea and yummy munchies.

The fact that this wasn’t random, but an occasion into which some forethought and effort had been put, was quite moving and we all left a bit damp round the eyelashes!

Come and join us, or at least come and have a look and think about it.